Thursday, 18 July 2013

How To Stop your Brain In An Accident T-Shirt

T-shirt design for the band Future Of The Left. It looks like it'll also be used (with a few tweaks) as the sleeve for their forthcoming album. I'm looking forward to making the whole package look like some kind of inter-dimensional safety manual.

Here's the rough version, if you're interested in seeing the progression from the initial idea that I sent to the band, to the finished product. 
It basically involved taking out all the monkeys, guns and wizards, and then replacing them with bees, circular saws and giant testicles.

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roachsvideo said...

Nice artwork. Future of the Left's lyrical fixation on homoeroticism puzzles me given their overall sound. It makes perfect sense then that they requested that you subtract a gun and add a giant testicle. The fact that it is a female that is the one seen using it as a breathing apparatus nearly kills my theory on their sexual orientation. Maybe they'll call you back to tell you to scrap the girl and add "some chap with a beard, you know, so everyone's sure it's a dude" and then all will be right with the world again.

Krent Able said...

Spot on. You should see all the emails the band sent me, demanding that I 'make the bee look more gay'. Sheer madness.

Chase said...


Marcosuiz said...

Thanks for your work. I didn´t know him and i feel very good.