Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Comics review from the Forbidden Planet blog...

New Stool Pigeon out now, smaller format, but just as free | The Forbidden Planet International Blog Log

Random stuff from Krent's sketchpad...


Party Time With The XX

Hot Dog and Terror Cone. One day these guys are going to MASSIVE, like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.

Lady Gaga 
Based on Manet's 'Olympia'. Pretty highbrow, eh?

Dr. Cave 

The 99

The Frapp

Oodles of doodles, including my my first character design for Doctor Cave, which, in retrospect, maybe I should have stuck with.

       This gentleman is the rather portly singer of a band called Fucked Up.

Pencils for a cd sleeve design. I ran out of steam before I could ink it, but often my pencils look nicer than the inked stuff anyway...

    Rejected character designs for a kids comic.

                                                                 Karl fucking Lagerfeld.

                                                              Unfinished flyer design.

                                              Pictures of people. Practising my brushwork, innit.

                                                       Wow..those caricatures are spot on.

                                                     Character designs for Morrissey & Clyde

                                                                         Kitty Killer

Sketches for 'Cash'.  Mrs. Cash's socks are inspired by the ones worn by the Wicked Witch Of The West in The Wizard Of Oz.

The owl from my Beach Boys comic, 'Surf's Up'

Kanye West, enjoying my Big Book Of Mischief