Monday, 31 January 2011

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Stool Pigeon – I’m here for the comics, I’ll stay for the music…

Phil Hebblethwaite, Editor. Mickey Gibbons, Designer.
Another issue of Stool Pigeon arrives – the music paper with some comics in the middle (See hereand here for past issues). And bloody hell I actually recognise the cover star! And I know of 5 of the bands mentioned on the front (I even like two of them – Motorhead and Jesus & Mary Chain if you’re interested).
I’m not going to linger on the actual music bit of The Stool Pigeon, but I will say that it’s an enjoyable read, nicely designed and full of decent writing about a wide variety of musicians that I haven’t heard of. However, the writing is such that I’ve made a mental note to look out for them – which is always a good sign.
As for the comics, there’s some nice work in The Stool Pigeon, with Krent Able’s double page a must for me, spinning a typically bizarre bit of muical weirdness, with the three members of Kraftwerk acting in a most un Kraftwerk-ian manner – bloody good fun though. Richard Cowdry’s work you’ll be familiar with from his Somersault strips on the FPI blog, and you may well know Luke Pearson as one of the rising stars in UK comics right now: