Thursday, 22 November 2012

Book Launch pics

Me and Teeth of The Sea at the White Heat club at Madame Jojo's, after the book signing for the launch of my Big Book Of Mischief. Photo and TOTS's make up by Natalie Sharp.



Signing at Gosh! comics. Photos by Paul Burgess PAUL BURGESS Documentary director / editor & PHOTOGRAPHER Make up by Neusa Neves neusa neves | Tumblr

Krent & Crow. Photo by Mr. Paul Walton

Teeth Of The Sea live at the White Heat club at Madame Jojo's, after the book signing. It was like the mines of fucking Moria..real goblin rock. Photo and make up by Natalie Sharp.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Book Launch & Club Night

Boom! Here's the rather awesome flyer for my Book Launch at Gosh! and the Club Night just around the corner at Madame Jojo's afterwards, featuring 3 shit-hot bands, and DJ sets from myself, The Stool Pigeon, and Berserker magazine. I'm super-chuffed to have the amazing Teeth Of The Sea headlining...put it in your calendar!
Oh yeah, and the first 200 lucky fiends get a signed bookplate with their book- the ambassador is really spoiling you. Here's what it looks like;

You can also email if you'd like a bookplate reserved or mailed out.

Here's a few reviews for the book..
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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Here's a commission I did for a chap called Darkwulf - he interviewed me for the Beardrock website. Seems nice..

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Krent Able's Big Book Of Mischief

Exciting news- I've got a book coming out in October, published by Britain's finest purveyors of quality comics, Knockabout.
It's gonna have all of my Stool Pigeon comics and illustrations, plus a few extra bits and bobs, in a large format and printed on the most exquisite paper known to man. Start saving your pennies!