Thursday, 30 May 2013

Future Of The Left

I've designed the sleeve for the new 7 inch EP by one of my favourite bands, Future Of The Left. 
It's out on July 1st, and you can order it here: Prescriptions - Record Label
They're also crowdfunding their new album, and I'll be designing a t-shirt as part of the package. More info here: Future Of The Left: New Album | PledgeMusic

Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Artist At Work

I made this self-portrait for the Vice Illustration Show, which is now on at the Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard St, Shoreditch, until June 2nd.
The show is designed to give an insight into the artistic process, featuring the early versions of Vice illustrations before they get the digital treatment in Photoshop. Lots of original art in ink, pencil and watercolour.
Each artist was also asked to come up with a piece about the artistic process, a kind of illustrator behind the scenes thing. This is mine - pretty much the stupidest thing I could think of.
High quality A2 Giclee prints of this are available here: vice illustration show - pure evil gallery

Here's the B&W version:

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Desert Island Comics

The lovely folks at the Forbidden Planet blog made me an offer I couldn't refuse - choose the 8 comics that I'd take to a desert island, plus one luxury item. Here's the link:
Desert Island Comics - Episode 57 - Krent Able - Forbidden Planet Blog