Monday, 30 June 2014

When Will The Creeps Meet

There's an exhibition private view and launch for the new book from the publishers of Your Days Are Numbered at Orbital comics this Friday evening (4th July). You should come down and help me drink the free beer.

I designed the front and back of the book  - that's the cover above, and a detail from the back, below. The book is an anthology of comics, based around the theme of short wave radio and cockroaches. The title of the book, When Will The Creeps Meet, is from William Burroughs.
The image above (with different lettering) is also on the front of the next issue of YDAN, which will hopefully be out for the launch.    
The event is from 6-9pm, with Shaky Kane and David Quantick signing their (excellent) 'That's Because You're A Robot' comic for the first hour, then the launch/private view from 7pm. I've got some original art in the exhibition, alongside Ed Piskor, Boneface, and Gilbert Hernandez. Shaky will also be doing some live action painting. I might do a bit too, depending on how much I drink and the alignment of the moon.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Calculus Cat

Here's a Videodrome inspired drawing I did for comics legend Hunt Emerson's forthcoming (hopefully) Calculus Cat book. There's a Kickstarter for it here: Calculus Cat by Hunt Emerson — Kickstarter  Please consider pledging a bit of cash and help to make it happen. I'd love to see this badboy printed on actual paper.

Update- the Kickstarter worked out, so the book will be going ahead. Nice.

Update 2 - I have the book in my hand, and I can now see that I forgot to draw whiskers on Calculus. Dang.